> Laser Measurements and Imaging

> Custom Microscope Control

We specialize in developing control software for photonics-based measurements and imaging, which requires tight synchronization and low level control of sensors like photodetectors and galvanometers.



Embedded Measurements and Control


> Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Board Level Communication

We deliver digital communication solutions for ASICs and board-level devices, which are realized on the flexible NI R-series FPGA and CompactRIO platforms.

> System Monitoring and Logging
We fulfill monitoring, control and custom analysis applications based on a variety of sensors and industrial I/O.



Custom System Integration


> System Integration

We create user interfaces for systems that control and communicate a wide variety of instruments, devices and sub-systems, which may or may not have ready LabVIEW drivers, and ensure they work well and reliably together in software.


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